Class Information

Indoor cycle: A dynamic, energetic, and highly enjoyable class. Lively music gets your heart pumping, and keeps you motivated to just keep riding hard. Go on, put your foot down!

Aqua aerobics: Get more out of the pool than just a quick dip, you will love this fun fitness class that uses the resistance of the water to give you a great workout and there is no swimming involved.

Body Burn :This class is for the people who want to focus on toning, using body resistance exercises you can sculpt your body and learn new techniques to keep it toned.Fitness

Pilates : Fitness Pilates is a modern, research based group fitness class created for the apparently healthy adult. It is neither remedial, clinical nor is it designed for rehabilitation. Fitness Pilates utilises all of the original principals and includes many of the 34 mat work exercises but offers new pathways, formats, class ideas and developments to further this amazing technique.

Spinbox: combines boxing  and spinning in a fun, stress busting way to suit all fitness levels.

Core Galore: A unique way of toning and building up core muscles.

Kettlebells : A high intensity class combining strength and conditioning with cardio.

Boot Camp / Cross Fit   Prepare to be drilled, pushed and pulled through a series of exercises in a circuit format.  These exercises will benefit you in strength, endurance and cardio conditioning.


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